Dan Blanchard, CEO/Owner of Uncruise Adventures, Explains His Company’s Name and Motto.

A few months back I was in Alaska on assignment for a cruise magazine. I was about to board the Wilderness Explorer from Uncruise Adventures.

While checking in there was an option to join the CEO on a walking tour of his hometown of Juneau. Not one tour but he was giving multiple ones throughout the day.

As we walked around Juneau Dan told us stories of different locations, interesting facts about Alaska and even sang the Alaska flag song in front of the capital, while tearing up. Wow, this guy really loves Alaska! 

You’ll NEVER see a CEO of any cruise company take passengers on tour AND at the end of a cruise go onboard and ask “how was your week?” Except Dan.

I’ve been in the travel / cruise industry for over 20 years and I’ve never met anyone like him.

The first thing you notice about Dan is his over whelming energy and passion for his ‘job’ and Alaska.

I wanted to know more about this guy and his company, so I asked if I could interview him for my travel show ‘Now We’re Getting Somewhere’.

And after a few months I was back in Alaska. Onboard another Uncruise Adventures ship with Dan.

When I talk about Uncruise with others, I always find myself trying to explain the name….

So in this first video I asked Dan where the name ‘Uncruise’ came from and more about his company.

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